76 Ways to Use Noni

76 Ways to Use Noni E-book
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“My cells remember this,” I exclaimed moments after drinking my first ounce of Noni fruit juice. Somehow, Noni felt very familiar. A few minutes later, changes started happening in my body. I was in my last month of pregnancy and the heartburn I had been suffering from subsided. I felt more calm and peaceful, and a tight muscle in my back suddenly released. I continued to take two ounces of Noni daily and the premature labor contractions I was having never came back. I was able to get out of bed and enjoy my last month of pregnancy walking around, working, and enjoying life.

Obviously, Noni was special. Of all the nutritional supplements I had tried over the years, nothing was as versatile and effective as Noni. I began to experiment with myself and my family, and was amazed at all the ways that Noni proved helpful. Although it is better to take Noni on an empty stomach, the Noni Anti- acid Substitute, which is taken after a meal, did wonders for my indigestion. I also used Noni Massage Oil to help prevent stretch- marks and prepared Noni Tea to boost my immune system for the upcoming labor.

On October 30th ,1996, I gave birth to an eight-pound baby girl, named Aria Ray. My afterbirth cramps were very painful. Frequent Noni Compresses helped not only to reduce the pain, but also to heal the stitches I had received. A Trauma Dose sped my recovery, and a Maintenance Dose of two ounces a day helped me produce abundant milk to feed my baby. Later, Noni Nose Drops cleared her stuffy nose. The Noni Tummy Treatment helped her body overcome a fever, and the Noni Rash Plaster quickly took care of an occasional diaper rash. Noni Ear Drops have helped all my children beat ear infections. The Noni Small Area Treatment and First Aid for Minor Wounds has helped everyone in my family. We have been amazed at how quickly Noni has sped our recovery from cuts, scrapes, burns, and scratches.

In the summer of 1996, our German Shepherd dog, Aka, became severely ill. His hair fell out, and he scratched and chewed his body till it bled. Conventional treatment made him worse, and herbal and homeopathic remedies helped only a little. In November, I tried giving him Noni. I followed the Procedure for Serious Conditions and every two weeks Interrupted Noni Therapy for a day or two. Twice a day I applied the Noni Topical Splash to his lesions. Five times a day, I used a plastic syringe to inject an ounce of Noni into his mouth.* He was very good about it. Maybe he knew it would help him feel better.

It did. By January he was completely healed. All his hair had grown back— in fact, it looked shinier and healthier than before. He also regained his playful joy for living. Our whole family was so grateful for Noni!

Although this book focuses on the myriad ways to use Noni, I wanted to touch on why Noni works. Researchers have identified over one- hundred- fifty compounds in the Morinda citrifolia ,or Noni fruit, that have therapeutic value. Two of these compounds* have been proven to be helpful against bacteria, fungus, inflammation, and allergies. Another compound ** , which is also found in essential oils, helps rejuvenate cells. French scientists had success testing Noni’s painkilling elements. Japanese researchers found a compound*** that inhibited pre-cancerous cells. And Dr. Ralph Heinicke, of the University of Hawaii, discovered that Noni contains an appreciable quantity of a compound that he identified and named, “proxeronine.”

Proxeronine helps the body make an important alkaloid that Dr. Heinicke also discovered, which he called “xeronine.” Xeronine is very important to the body because it regulates and strengthens the protein in our cells. Protein is found everywhere in our body and does many things. For example, proteins comprise the bulk of the organic material within the cell. Hemoglobin, insulin, collagen, as well as muscle and skin, cell membranes, blood vessel walls, blood clots, and many hormones are also made of protein. 7 Xeronine’s impact on protein may help to explain Noni’s effectiveness for so many different conditions.

If you would like to read more about Noni’s ingredients and studies which have been done on Noni, may I suggest the books, Tahitian Noni Juice: How Much How Often for What,by Neil Solomon, M. D. Ph. D., Noni— Polynesia’s Natural Pharmacy, and Noni (Morinda citrifolia) Prize Herb of the South Pacific . These books are available from the company that distributes 76 Ways to Use Noni.

Soon after I was introduced to Noni fruit juice, I began recording the many ways I had found to use Noni. This resulted in the book, 53 Ways to Use Noni. Since then, I have heard from Noni distributors around the world about how these techniques have helped them. They also offered new ideas for using Noni, which I added to my own growing repertoire. In November, 2000, I felt that I had gathered enough new “ways,” that I could expand the book, and the publisher agreed. This edition, 76 Ways to Use Noni , began to emerge.

In this edition, I wanted to offer a new paradigm for using Noni.  I wanted to give people a breakthrough that would knock their socks off. Something really special. What I discovered surprised me for its simplicity and common sense: Incorporate Noni into a healthy lifestyle. Offer people ways to make Noni a Family Friend. Teach them to “Think Noni” as soon as a health concern arises. Give them a variety of Maintenance Dose procedures to choose from, so that taking Noni never gets boring and the Noni bottle never drifts to the back of the refrigerator.

People who are concerned about health invariably take nutritional supplements. The chapter, Taking Noni with Herbs and Supplements, tells how to best take Noni with supplements. The ills of dehydration and the body’s need for enough water are health principles that are becoming increasingly recognized. Noni Maintenance Dose 4 and the Noni Procedure for Serious Conditions 2 each show a different way to take Noni with water. People are also becoming more aware of addictions and dependencies of all kinds. I like to think this coincides with our population’s growing spiritual awareness, which is being reflected in physical- body awareness and resulting in a greater desire for freedom— including freedom from addictive substances. To support this growing trend, I have included ways that Noni can help people to quit smoking and become free of drugs, to eliminate the desire for alcohol, and to curb the clutches of food addictions.

This is just a sample of the new ways to use Noni that you will find in this book. There are also a few surprises in store: The Noni Chinese Body Clock Procedure marries Noni with a Chinese Medicine principle called the “body clock.” This procedure can focus Noni’s effects on a chosen organ. The chapter, Mixing Noni with Clay, introduces you to the wonders of a little-known, but remarkably therapeutic (and inexpensive) healing tool, which, like Noni, is also a gift of the earth. And the Noni Fast 3, which employs the principle of bio-rhythm, enables you to prompt a deep cleansing without having to restrict food intake.

I have divided the seventy-six ways to use Noni fruit juice that are described in this book into three sections.  Section 1 covers different ways to drink Noni. Section 2 describes topical uses, and Section 3 covers techniques for taking Noni internally. Each of the chapters in this book is also divided into three parts.

In the first part, I suggest some conditions that might be helped by the Noni application that each chapter describes. This list is a guideline, and is not meant to provide medical advice or to be used as a prescription. If you have a condition that is not listed, but think the application might help, by all means try it. Of course, Noni won’t always help everyone, even those who have conditions that are on the list.

In the second part of each chapter, I give detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do each Noni application. Third, I offer some helpful information about the procedure.

At the back of this book, you’ll find four appendices that attempt to address some of the questions people most often ask about Noni. The Health Evaluation Sheets in the first appendix are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to benefit from Noni. Appendix B contains information about cleansing reactions. Appendix C offers ideas why Noni may not work for you.  Those who have found that Noni has stopped working for them may find some possible explanations in Appendix D. I am very grateful to Dr. Ralph Heinicke for offering some additional insights into this topic.

In this edition I have made a few corrections to improve accuracy and readability. I have also added references to Noni Dilutions. Information about all fourteen Noni Dilutions, and their Harmonics, can be found in my book, Healing Secrets of Noni.

As you read this book, keep in mind that I am not a physician. The ideas that I offer for using Noni are not meant to replace your doctor’s advice. I simply wanted to share what I know about Noni, and how my family and others have used Noni, so that you might have the opportunity to benefit as we have from this amazing and unique gift of nature.

Occasionally in this book, I refer to Noni’s “healing compounds.” However, I do not believe that Noni itself heals. Health, and being healed of something, is a gift of Grace. Therapies and supplements, including Noni, simply give the body what it needs to receive these gifts. The applications in this book can help your body obtain all the blessings it can with the help of Noni.

Best wishes on your journey to greater health and well being!

Isa Navarre
March, 2001

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