About Isabelle

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Isabelle Morton dreams of a world where gemstones are as popular as herbs for healing. She pioneered gemstone sphere therapy in the 1980’s and wrote her first book, “Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians,” authored under the name Ginny Katz and co-authored with Michael Katz. The book was discontinued at their divorce, when she also changed her name.

After a near-death experience in 2005, Isabelle realized she could no longer deny her gift–an innate affinity with healing gemstone energies and knowledge on how to apply Gemstone Therapy.

In July 2009, Isabelle started her own business, GEMFormulas. The company distributes gemstone sphere jewelry of the highest standards and using the latest innovations in gemstone energy medicine. These include the use of aura sprays that have been infused with healing gemstone energies using Gemstone Energy Field Imprint (GEFI) Technology.

Isabelle continues to expand the GEMFormulas line of 21st century products, add new videos to the GEMFormulas Library, as well as make Personal GEMFormulas and offer remote Diamond and Gemstone therapy sessions to clients. She is also the founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute, which offers courses for the layperson, the health-care practitioner, and for those interested in Gemstone Therapy practitioner certification.

Isabelle is passionate about sharing the latest information on Gemstone Therapy. She lives with her husband, Bob, in Connecticut and has five children. Her favorite hobby is caring for and keeping company with a tank of lively freshwater fish.

You can read her story in her memoire: Accepting Destiny – How Heart Transplant and Near Death Experience Gave me the Courage to Share Gemstone Therapy with the World.