Accepting Destiny

“I began writing this memoir in January 2012. After suddenly being unable to drive due to panic attacks that occurred whenever I got behind the wheel, I wanted to chronicle my heart transplant experience as a way to heal. I thought that writing the details of what had happened would help me sort out my feelings from those of my donor, who had died in a car accident.  As I wrote, the story unfolded…”coversketch1.psd

Accepting Destiny: How Heart Transplant and
Near-Death Experience Gave me the Courage to Share Gemstone Therapy with the World
By Isabelle Morton
6” x 9” Trade Paperback.
296 pages.
Body, Mind, Spirit / Healing
Copyright © 2016

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Outtakes and Deleted Scenes

Accepting Destiny is the true account of one woman’s life-and-death journey, and how she found her purpose in bringing forth a sophisticated healing modality called Gemstone Therapy. The information and inspiration in this book can bring new vitality to your own healing journey–and to your life too.

Isabelle’s story will leave you feeling inspired to accept your own destiny and encouraged to meet your own life challenges with grace.

In 2002, heart failure that led to a near-death experience turned her world upside down. Isabelle Morton barely survived. When a heart transplant saved her life, it also reawakened her destiny: to bring information about the power of therapeutic gemstones to the world. It also gave her the courage to fulfill that destiny.

Healing gemstones had been her passion for years, but Isabelle feared ostracism from family, friends, and peers for doing something new and different, and so she set that passion aside. But her destiny awaited.

Rather than crossing the borders of death, she took another look at her life and realized she must bring the benefit of therapeutic gemstones to those in need. Despite debilitating side-effects, transplant rejection, and financial hardship, she took up her study of gemstone therapy in nightly lessons at inner healing temples. She received careful instruction in the art and science of gemstone medicine, as well as solace, inspiration, and insight, which she shares with you in this book.

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  1. Wow!!!

    Isabelle Morton is undoubtedly a blessing to humanity! Her story speaks hope even when all seems lost, encourages trust in The Light when the embrace of the darkness feels snug, and promotes reassurance when the awareness that The Lord ALWAYS Protects and Provides for His Own is needed. All we need do is reach for, and hold the hand that is offered in help…

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