The Capstone Decision

The Capstone DecisionCapstoneDecisionCover
A novel by Isabelle Morton
8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ Trade Paperback.

355 pages.

Science Fiction/Adventure
Copyright © 2009

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Learn the secrets of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt in a modern-day story of a woman’s quest to free herself of patterns set up in past lives. To do this, she must learn to listen to her heart and make the decision of a lifetime based on her own inner truth.

Capstone Decision Readers: Scroll down to see a photo of the Key to the Capstone!

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The Capstone Decision

When Daria McHenry receives an ancient key from her father, she has no idea it will lead her to find the capstone that once crowned the Great Pyramid of Giza, and before that, of Atlantis. She then learns far more than she would like to know about these pyramids’ secrets.
Daria’s life takes yet another turn when she discovers that her capstone has the power to stop an impending planetary shift.
She is caught between two difficult choices: Use the capstone to stop the shift, and unleash the evils that destroyed Atlantis. Or not use it, and allow the shift to wipe out half the world population.
…What would you decide?
“A breathtaking tale of adventure and exploration. The Capstone Decision is a richly woven tapestry of ancient mysteries and its impact on humanity today. Can one woman save a planet? Can one man live up to the sacred trust given him? Isabelle Morton captures the intense emotions of characters driven by a destiny that brings them together in one exciting time and place. A haunting masterpiece!”

–Susan Hanniford Crowley,
author of “Ladyknight” in
edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley


The Capstone Decision 


Part One – The Key
Egypt; Connecticut
August, 25 years ago

Part Two – The Capstone
Andrews Air Force Base; Connecticut; Egypt; Antarctica
January 22; September 6th – 14th

Part Three – The Atlantean Pyramid
Connecticut; Andrews AFB; Hawaii; New Zealand; Antarctica
September 15th – 18th

Part Four – Power Unleashed
Antarctica; Connecticut; Egypt
September 18th


What does the Key to the Capstone Look Like?
I began writing The Capstone Decision in 1995, and by 2004 I had a good idea what the key to the capstone looked like. Also about that time, I felt it prudent to start sketching ideas for the sequel to make sure The Capstone Decision’s plot was headed in the right direction. One of the alternative/new science topics I wanted to include in the sequel was crop circles.
In June of 2004, on a trip to Maine, I began collecting books on the topic. Sometime in July, I began researching crop circles on the Internet. To my absolute surprise, a circle had appeared in Alton Priors, Wiltshire, England, the night of June 19-20th, 2004. This crop circle looked more like the key than the image I had envisioned!
Clearly it was Daria’s key, manifested in whatever mystical way crop circles appear.



Aerial Photo Courtesy of Lucy Pringle:

The Capstone Decision
by Isabelle Morton

(1st 40 pages.)

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