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GEMFormulas_NameLogo_Large2This is the name and logo of my new business. You can learn more about it at

How it Began

In the 1980’s, a string of coincidences drew me to pioneer energy medicine using gemstone spheres. I wrote a book based on what I’d learned, called Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians. It was authored under my first married name, Ginny Katz, and co-authored with Michael Katz.

After our divorce, I truly thought I was done with Gemstone Therapy. However, after a near-death experience in 2005, I realized I had a gift that I could no longer deny. For some reason, I have an innate knowing about gemstone energies, how to learn more about them, and how to apply gemstones for healing purposes.

In truth, it has been a huge struggle for me to finally admit this gift and be willing to go public with it a second time. I feel much more comfortable in the “main stream” and gemstone energy medicine is surely on the cutting edge. My struggle with accepting my gift is chronicled in my latest book, “Accepting Destiny“.

Within days of accepting that one of my duties of this lifetime is to teach Gemstone Therapy and share its benefits, I was given a new technology. Gemstone Energy Field Imprint (GEFI) Technology allows gemstone energies to be imprinted into aura sprays so that people around the world can enjoy the benefits of gemstones affordably, and without having to wear necklaces.

I believe that this will be the best way for Gemstone Therapy to reach a level of popularity that will generate sufficient interest among the medical community to learn therapeutic methods using actual gemstones.

GEFI Technology

It took a few months to develop the GEFI Device, and once I had a working model I was able to experiment with several types of formulas for aura sprays. I decided to open my business with three: a formula that helps your body adapt to, heal from, and protect against electromagnetic radiation; a formula that clears your body and aura of the unwanted energies of disease, infections, and negative psychic contamination; and a third to treat the spine, relax stress from the central nervous system, ease muscle tension, and vitalize vertebrae.

Today, this line of aura sprays has greatly expanded, as has our therapeutic gemstone jewelry. If you’d like to be informed about what’s new, please sign up for my email list at the website.

The Creativity of Business

To my surprise, building the GEMFormulas company has required a flow of creativity that still astounds me. I didn’t expect “business building” to require such creative energy. But I’m ecstatic about it because I love the creative process, and I’m especially eager to take on large projects where my creative potential is stretched and challenged.

I invite you all to take a look at what I’m doing at

And check out my videos on YouTube at the Gemstone Therapy channel. A key to sharing Gemstone Therapy is teaching people what it is and how it can help them.

My goal is to see Gemstone Therapy become as recognized and respected as acupuncture and homeopathy.

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