Gemstone 210 :: A Gemstone Therapy Practitioner’s Manual

This manual is the first of the two-part Gemstone Therapy Practitioner’s Manual. It illustrates detailed information and instructions to practitioners-in-training, to assist them in their mastery of the first four Level 2 Gemstone Therapy protocols. It is available as part of the Gemstone Therapy 210 workshop and serves as a textbook and reference for Level 2 Gemstone Therapy students.

Gemstone Therapy 210.indd

By Isabelle Morton
Photos and graphics by Ryan Morton and Jocelyn Schmidt
10” x 11” Spiral Bound Manual
176 Pages / Full color
Copyright © 2016

The manual is divided into four sections.

Module 1 :: Target Area Protocol.
This protocol addresses an ailment, injury, or condition in a single area of a client’s body. Healing gems are used to build a vortex over the target area to help your body draw its own healing energies to that area.

Module 2 :: Condition Placement Protocol.
For life issues that involve home, career, finance, and more, this special technique collects the physical, emotional, karmic, and mental energies associated with a client’s situation and temporarily places them on a healthy area of the client’s body for direct therapy.

Module 3 :: Systems Protocol.
This therapy for conditions affecting two or more areas of a client’s body is given to the anatomical systems involved. Special vitalizing gems are placed on the systems’ energy windows and applied in the aura.

Module 4 :: Energy Clearing Protocol.
This protocol includes advanced methods for clearing unwanted energies from a client’s body, and all levels of their being.


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