Gemstone Therapy 101

Anyone who is interested in learning the basics of Gemstone Therapy is welcome to study this richly illustrated manual. It includes the basic information you’ll need to apply the modality safely and efficiently, for the best possible results, whether you intend to work on yourself or your family, or continue training to become a Gemstone Therapy Practitioner.

By Isabelle Morton
Photos and graphics by Ryan Morton
10” x 11” Spiral Bound Manual
276 Pages / Full color
Copyright © 2016

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The manual is divided into five sections. You’ll find tabs for:

Module 1 :: Gemstone Therapy Session Protocol.
This is the basic outline of a session, and the basis for all Gemstone Therapy, including the advanced protocols taught at Level 2 and 3.

Module 2 :: Aura Nourishing Protocol.
This protocol teaches you how to provide safe and effective nourishing to the six layers of the energy field (physical, supraphysical, emotional, causal/memory/karmic, mental, and intuitive).

Module 3 :: Supraphysical Aura Protocol.
This protocol teaches how to evaluate the layer of the aura that immediately surrounds the body, for various anomalies, each of which are illustrated and explained. Then, you learn how to correct these anomalies.

Module 4 :: Gemandala Protocol.
Gemandalas are gemstone mandalas made with single gemstones arranged in a precise manner to respect sacred geometry and numerology. They are tailor made for an individual during a session, to meet his or her session intention specifically and directly.

Appendix :: Includes a glossary, selection sheets, and summary sheets.

Each module also has a short quiz at the end to support your learning of key concepts presented.


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